Adding Value to Evaluation

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Adding Value to Evaluation

EESS Conformity Certification Service Fees

A straightforward fee structure


1 Certification of New Equipment (Category 1) $700 + GST
1A Additional service fee for Dual Certificates +$50 + GST
2 Technical Modification to Certificate/Co-Approval *$500 + GST
3 Administrative Modification to Certificate **$300 + GST
4 Renewal of Certificate (Category 1) $600 + GST
5 Application for replacement certificate (lost) $175 + GST
6 Hourly rate $175 + GST
7 Priority Service – 3 working days +50%
8 Priority Service – 1 working day +100%
9 Additional report fee (per report – see notes) $350 + GST
10 EMC Certificate (in accordance with ACMA guidelines) $350 + GST
*If a test report or partial test report is required.
**If other information that is not a test report is required.

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  • The above schedule of fees includes the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Australia. GST will not be charged to a Client outside of Australia.
  • All fees are based on a single review and processing of one Main test report and Differences report.
  • Multiple report fee: Where applications require multiple test reports (more than one main test report and differences report) an additional fee of $350 per report may be applied.
  • Additional review fee: Where additional information is requested and reviewed, charges at the hourly rate may be applied.
  • Where applications include multiple models an additional modification fee may be applied as follows:
    • Up to 20 models are included in the original fee
    • From 21 to 50 models- AUD $175 + GST
    • From 51-99 models- AUD $300 + GST
    • Over 100 models- by mutually agreed quotation.
  • Availability of Priority Service is subject to current work load – please enquire first.
  • For foreign payments, payment is to be in AUD. All bank and statuary charges must be paid by the payee.
  • Our Payment options include Credit Card, EFT (Bank Transfer), PayPal or Cheque. See our Payment Page for more details.

Equipment Categories

These are the equipment categories for declared (AU Risk Level 3) and non-declared (AU Risk Level 1 & 2) articles.

Category 1 equipment means any electrical articles of the following kind:

– Appliance Connector
– Bayonet Lampholder
– Bayonet Lampholder Adaptor
– Cord Extension Socket
– Cord-Line Switch
– Edison Screw Lampholder
– Fluorescent Lamp Starter
– Outlet Devices
– Plugs
– Socket-Outlet
– Supply Flexible Cord
– Wall Switch

Category 2 equipment means any electrical articles that are not Category 1 equipment:

All other declared electrical articles (AU Risk Level 3)

Certificates of Suitability for any non-declared articles (AU Risk Level 1 & 2)