Wall switch and power point

NSW Declared Articles Update October 2021

The following is a summary of changes to the NSW government’s declared article list:

  • Updated AS/NZS 3100 to Amendment 2, deadline 28 June 2022, in line with published standard
  • “Simple Portable luminaire” is now defined in the interpretation section. A clarification, no effective change to the specification.
  • Fixing a typo error in the “Supply to separate equipment” interpretation.
  • CORD LINE SWITCH now has an “electronic type” specification allowing for their approval.
  • Removal of (battery) ROBOT LAWN MOWERS
  • APPLIANCE CONNECTOR does not include “any associated Group 2 Appliance Connectors for connection to a specific electric blanket”; BLANKET now includes “any associated Group 2 APPLIANCE CONNECTORS specific for the blanket”.
  • Outlet device, added: “In this specification” before AS/NZS 3122: 2015 is modified to preclude types that can be wired or rewired by the user.”
  • POWER SUPPLIES: There is now a deadline of 15 Feb 2023 for the existing power supply standard(s) 60065 and 60950, an additional 12 months.
  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMP – removed ‘or domestic type’ (retained ‘household type’)
  • WALL SWITCH – clarified class specification for electronic type.