A car being charged at an EV charging point

All New EV Service Launched For 2024

Reflecting the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the diversification of charging technologies, EESS Conformity Certification has begun 2024 by offering an all-new certification product.

The ‘Certificate for Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) and Portable Inverter’ will quickly and easily enable any companies manufacturing or importing EV charging devices to comply with Australian and New Zealand regulatory requirements.

The new voluntary certification service is priced at AUD $1,200 and will enable companies to market their EV devices without delay.

At the same time, EESS Conformity Certification has announced only one small price increase on their 2024 schedule (to New, Renewed and Co-Approval Certifications) which is very much against the trend of inflationary price rises across the industry.

More information on EESS Conformity Certification services and pricing can be found here.