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Adding Value to Evaluation

EESS Conformity Certification Service Fees

A straightforward fee structure


1 Certification of New Electrical Equipment – CoA, CoAC, CoC or CoS* $700 + GST
2 Technical Modification to Certificate/Co-Approval** $500 + GST
3 Administrative Modification to Certificate/Transfer of Certificate*** $300 + GST
4 Renewal of Certificate**** $650 + GST
5 Application for Replacement Certificate (Lost or Damaged) $200 + GST
6 Extension of Current Certificate (Excluding NSW Fee, Currently $459) $400 + GST
7 EMC Certificate and Declaration (in Accordance with ACMA Guidelines) $350 + GST
8 Hourly Rate (See Note) $200 + GST
9 Priority Service – 3 Working Days +50%
10 Priority Service – 1 Working Day +100%
11 Additional Report Fee (Per Report – See Note) $200 + GST
* Electrical safety certificate types; CoA = Certificate of Approval, CoAC = Certificate of Approval / Conformity, CoC = Certificate of Conformity, CoS = Certificate of Suitability.
** If a test report or partial test report is required.
*** If supporting documents other than a test report is required, or no modification to the certificate details is necessary.
**** Renewal is not available if the original certificate has expired, the report is older than 5 years or the original ‘certified’ standard edition/year has changed.


  • The above fees are in Australian dollars (AUD) and subjected to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia. GST is currently 10% and will not be charged to clients outside of Australia.
  • All fees are based on a single review and processing of one main test report and differences/gap report.
  • Multiple report fee: Where applications require multiple test reports (more than one main test report and differences/gap report) an additional service fee of AUD 200 per report may be applied. (Item 11).
  • Additional review fee: Where additional information is requested and reviewed, charges at the hourly rate may be applied. (Item 8).
  • We will upload issued certificate details on the ERAC National Database free of charge. However, where the certificate includes multiple models, an additional service fee may be applied as follows:
    – Up to 499 models are included in the original fee.
    – Over 500 models – AUD 100.
  • Availability of Priority Service is subject to current workload – please enquire first.
  • Upon the client’s request, we may register/link the product/equipment on the EESS/ERAC National Database on behalf of the Responsible Supplier for a service fee of AUD 100 plus the government charge for 1, 2 or 5 years.
  • The certificate always remains the property of Conformity Certification Services Pty Limited.
  • All surcharges, bank and statuary charges MUST be paid by the client.
  • The fees are for our service and time spent on reviewing the documentation you provided for our government recognised / accredited certification application. There is no guarantee or an implied guarantee you will receive a certificate simply by paying the fee. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • All expenses incurred over and above those normally covered by this Schedule of Fees, will be charged at cost.
  • Prices are subject to change; this Schedule of Fees takes effect from 1 September 2021.

Equipment Categories

These are the equipment categories for declared (AU Risk Level 3) and non-declared (AU Risk Level 1 & 2) articles.

Category 1 equipment means any electrical articles of the following kind:

– Appliance Connector
– Bayonet Lampholder
– Bayonet Lampholder Adaptor
– Cord Extension Socket
– Cord-Line Switch
– Edison Screw Lampholder
– Fluorescent Lamp Starter
– Outlet Devices
– Plugs
– Socket-Outlet
– Supply Flexible Cord
– Wall Switch

Category 2 equipment means any electrical articles that are not Category 1 equipment:

All other declared electrical articles (AU Risk Level 3)

Certificates of Suitability for any non-declared articles (AU Risk Level 1 & 2)