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Adding Value to Evaluation

Electrical Product Safety Certification (EPSC) Service Fees

This table specifies the services and fees applicable to electrical product safety certification identified in documents such as our JAS-ANZ scope of accreditation, current NSW gazette, the latest AS/NZS 4417.2, the New Zealand 2022 gazetted requirements.

EESS Conformity Certification application fees are structured for simplicity with one fee levelled at covering all products whether declared/non-declared articles or Level 3 in-scope equipment or out-of-scope equipment. The Certificate of Approval / Conformity (CoAC) is a certificate which satisfies all the mandatory requirements for Australia (states & territories) and New Zealand.

1 Certificate for New Electrical Equipment* $750.00
2 Renewal of Existing Certificate* $750.00
3 Technical Modification to Existing Certificate* $550.00
4 Administrative Modification to Existing Certificate* $350.00
5 Certificate for Clean Energy Council (CEC) listing application* $2,000.00
6 Certificate for Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) and Portable Inverter* $1,200.00
7 Transfer to New Certificate Holder $400.00
8 Additional report / standard or substantially modified report $200.00
9 Priority Service – 3 working days** +50%
10 Priority Service – 2 working days** +75%
11 Priority Service – 1 working day** +100%
12 Hourly rate $300.00


  1. For the certification of electrical products and application services not identified in the above-mentioned document, please contact us on to discuss and understand your requirement and for the provision of a relevant quote.
  2. Prices above exclude GST, which will only apply to Australian registered business entities.


i New or Renewal electrical equipment certificate types; CoAC = Certificate of Approval / Conformity or CoAS = Certificate of Approval / Suitability or CoS = Certificate of Suitability (JASANZ) or Co-Approval = Certificate Holder allowing third party to use their documents and accepted as a new application.
ii Renewal option is not available when the original certificate has expired, or the test report is older than 5 years, or the original certified standard edition/year has changed.
iii Technical modification when a test report or partial test report is required for review.
iv Non-technical modification when supporting documents, other than an accredited test report is required or no modification to the equipment is necessary, e.g., brand or model number changes, etc.
v The Certificate of Suitability to satisfy Clean Energy Council (CEC) requirements for Inverter Systems, such as Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Integrated BESS, PV Inverters (PV) and similar clean energy systems.
– For Battery ONLY Systems (BS) may be applied as a standard Certificate of Suitability.
vi Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) and similar ESVE products and Portable Inverters are a new service provision.


i Availability of Priority Service is subject to the current workload. We will make every effort to deliver within your nominated request however please enquire before applying so we can inform you if your request is likely to be achieved.


  • All fees are based on a review of one main test report and a differences/gap analysis report and subsequent processing.
  • Multiple report fee: Where applications require multiple test reports (more than one main test report and differences/gap report) an additional service fee of AUD $200 per report may be applied (Item 6).
  • Additional review fee: Where additional information is provided or requested and reviewed, charges/quotes at the hourly rate may be applied (Item 12).
  • We will upload issued certificate details to the ERAC/EESS Certification Database free of charge. However, where the certificate includes multiple models, an additional service fee will be applied as follows:
    o Up to 299 models are included in the original fee.
    o Over 300 models – AUD $100.
  • Upon the client’s request, we will register the products on the ERAC/EESS Equipment Database, typically with 3 days of issue of the Certificate on behalf of the Responsible Supplier with a service fee of AUD $100 plus the government charge for 1, 2 or 5-year registration.
  • The certificate always remains the property of Conformity Certification Services Pty Limited.
  • All fees are in Australian dollars (AUD) and Australian entities are subjected to the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
    GST is currently 10% and will not be charged to clients outside of Australia.
  • All bank and statuary charges MUST be paid by the payee/client.
  • The fees are for our service, resources and time spent on reviewing the documentation provided for our government recognised / accredited certification services. There is no guarantee or an implied guarantee you will receive a certificate simply by paying the fee. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • All expenses incurred over and above those normally covered by this Schedule of Fees, will be charged at cost.
  • Prices are subject to change; this Schedule of Fees takes effect from 1 January 2023.

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